Saturday, March 04, 2006

Change of Plans

What a day! We had planned to go to our favorite furniture store to buy a desk for Emma. Andy woke up with a tummy ache, but seemed fine after eating breakfast. Alex was fed, happy and alert so I quickly set up for a photo shoot. I got the kids in coordinating outfits, the chairs and blankets set up and the camera ready to go. And then BAM! poor Andy was sick. I didn't want him near Alex and he was in no mood for pictures so we scrapped the whole thing.

I was also too chicken to take him out so Neil and Emma went to the store while I stayed home with the boys. (It's so weird to say that! I wonder how long it will take me to get used to the plural.)

Andy snuggled up on the couch and watched some TV and was soon feeling better. I'm not sure what was wrong but he has been fine ever since his nap. Thankfully it was nothing too explosive.

I still managed to get some shots of Alex. He's already filling out and has more alert periods during the day. Of course, I didn't get any shots of that today. But I can't resist sleeping baby shots.

Emma has fed Alex a couple of times. She's so maternal and does a great job!

Of course, if Emma gets a turn, then Andy thinks he needs one too!

ETA: Guess I need to work on those photos. I started the post on a PC and finished on the Mac so something obviously didn't work.


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