Wednesday, April 19, 2006

More new kits (and I actually scrapped)

I bought Gina's new kits at Digital Design Essentials on Monday and actually used them already. I'm quite sure that's a new record for me! I have so many new kits that I haven't used yet. In fact, I've started a list of all my kits. I need to find some way to better manage what I have. I'm terrible at updating my organizer in Elements so I have to rely on my memory, which is always a dangerous proposition for me! LOL Anyway, I'm making a list of every kit I have and what layouts I've used them on. I'm scared to actually know how many I've purchased in the last 4 months, but hopefully it will be good motivation.

Here are a couple of LOs I did today, both with the new kits.

Paper and doodle border: DDE's Book Bag Essentials.
Doodles: Taran Conyer's Doodle Stamps VI. Font: TKDoodle.

Everything is from DDE's Little Chickadee. Font is Susie's Hand.

In other news, the weather has been awesome. The kids are loving playing outside. Andy's sinus infection seems to be getting better. He's still doesn't seem 100% but he's definitely better than Monday and Tuesday.

I'm sure there's more, but my life feels pretty boring right now. I'm settling into a decent routine now that Neil's back to work. We all miss having him home, but the nice weather has certainly helped the kids not whine for him too much. :)

I think I'll go work on some more photos till Alex wakes up to eat. I have tons that need to be edited.


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Love the layouts!

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