Monday, May 29, 2006

A True English Garden

So Pat, my mother-in-law is an incredible gardener. She has literally turned their entire backyard into a garden. The boys tease her that the lawn gets smaller every year as she adds more plants and flowers and takes over more of the grass.

One morning I couldn't sleep because of jet lag so I went out to the garden at 6 and took some pictures. It was so pretty and peaceful to sit amongst the flowers and birds and watch the sky brighten. I took lots of photos and thought I'd share a few here.

I loved this bench in the back of the garden. Truly looked like it was straight out of a garden magazine. (The bench, not my photography. LOL)

I'd planned all week to take a family picture on the bench when we were all dressed up for the wedding. The English weather didn't cooperate, but this shot is from my practice run with Emma earlier in the week. She was actually quite happy to pose for once so I took a bunch of photos of her this afternoon.

My girl is getting so big.


Blogger Treasure Talk said...

Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous garden and adorable young lady in it! I can not believe this garden is in someone's backyard. It looks like a professional botanical garden!
Yes, your mother in law is truly a great gardner.
Your pictures are also quite professional looking, beautiful!

5:34 PM  

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