Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Photos, photos and more photots

Wow, isn't that a creative title?! LOL I took the kids to Picture People today to get photos of them in their wedding clothes since the wedding photog flaked. Here's what we got.

{These are ® Picture People and were taken off of their website preview page.}

World Cup Fever has struck our household. We bought the kids English World Cup clothes while were in the UK so we had these done for Father's Day presents. Not exactly what I was hoping for (I wanted the England on each shirt to show a little more), but they'll work till I do my own shoot.

My portrait club membership expires tomorrow and I had a bunch of freebies coming so I also took Alex yesterday to have some professional 3 month photos done. He was fantastic!!!

That's it for now. I ordered a ton, so watch your mail for a little surprise soon! :)


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Blogger Denean said...

Wow! Such great pics!! I never have any luck at that place! LOL!!

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