Tuesday, June 27, 2006


So, Andy and I went shopping last night for stuff for his birthday party. It was a nice evening so on the way home we decided to get hot fudge sundaes for everyone. I didn't feel like driving to a real ice cream place, plus Andy only ever eats about 1/4 of it, so we drove through McDonalds. Four hot fudges with nuts, please. I pay at the first window and then wait while the idiot in front of me figures out how to put her car into Drive after getting her food at the second window. We pull up and the kid immediately says, "Can you pull up to the white line?" I'm like WTF, but said sure rather incredulously.

So we pull forward and sit. And sit. And sit. I watch 5 cars come and go with bags of food. We're talking Happy Meals, huge bags and lots of drinks. All the while, we're just sitting there. We ordered at 8.19 and at 8.26 I grabbed Andy and went inside. A kid was just making the sundaes.
Now mind you, I walked in and the other three workers didn't say a word to me. I walked past all of them to the kid and said, "Don't bother. I want my money back."

He gave me some story about the machine being out of shakes. Fine, but I ordered sundaes. I explained that I wouldn't have been annoyed if someone had told me what the problem was instead of just sending my ass to the white line.

During this entire conversation, the manager sat at the first table and watched. Freaking watched. They called him over and he couldn't believe that I was annoyed. He actually said, "What do you want?" I told him I wasn't paying for them. He could make a nice gesture and give them to me, but I wasn't paying for them. He gave me back my $4.27 without saying a word and that was it. No sorry and certainly no free sundaes. Grrr. I hate that place.

We went for real ice cream.


Blogger terrarist said...

Hey Robyn! I found your blog yay!

it was so much fun meeting you on Saturday and the other girls - hope your SLR class turns out good!
You are such a funny writer! I can so totally relate to some of your stories of the kids! This McDonald's story just aggravates me to READ about it - i can't imagine how frustrated you were actually LIVING it!!! whatever happend to the good old days of customer SERVICE!!!

hope you are having a great week! hope i get to scrap with you again soon!


6:01 PM  
Blogger Treasure Talk said...

Ughhh, I completely understand your frustration! I hate poor service. It just AMAZES me how little some business are concerned with customer satisfaction.
Want to get me on a tirade? Just tell me you don't know the answer to a customer service type of question. Then not bother to try to find out. I want to screm, "Hellooo, McFly, anyone home?"
Ahh, feels good to rant doesn't it. LOL

5:30 PM  

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