Wednesday, June 28, 2006

{I hate thinking up clever titles}

Man, the days just seem to kind of run together during the summer. We had no kid activities so we spent the entire day at home. It was really nice so the kids played outside a lot--good thing because they were fighting like cats and dogs today.

Alex has moved from his bouncy seat to the Excersaucer. I can't believe he's big enough, but here he is. He still does the bobblehead thing after awhile, but he really likes being in it. I hope that continues.

Let's see...Oh, there was a weird rain storm last evening. It was totally sunny and suddenly it started pouring. I knew there'd be a rainbow so I took the kids out front to watch it form. It was pretty cool seeing it appear and then a few minutes later the second one. Emma's favorite color these days is "rainbow" so she kept demanding that I take more photos. Yeah, you try focusing on a rainbow. LOL Here's the best I got.

I did a layout tonight too. Something totally not my usual style, but I think I like how it turned out. I had fun playing with some new stuff and trying a different, less graphical approach. OK, now that I look at it again, it's still totally lined up, but it's still grungier than I usually do so there. LOL

You can see the credits here.

I'm so far behind on my Big Picture class. I'm taking Library of Memories with Stacy Julian and it's a great class, but I feel so overwhelmed by it. Not really sure why, but I just can't make myself sit down and work on it. I read all of the handouts and I do the worksheets, but I seem to be a bit paralyzed by actually moving photos around, etc. Gotta get over it!! Silly thing is, I'm only doing the digital stuff now. I've decided to wait to do the old photographs till I get some kind of system going with the digital. That should make it easier, but for some reason it's not.

The boys have well-child check-ups tomorrow--4 years for Andy and 4 months for Alex. Should make for an interesting afternoon. Alex gets four shots and Andy is terrified of the doctor these days. Not really sure why, but he starts wailing as soon as we walk into the reception area. He does not want to be weighed or sit on the table. We've been talking about it all week trying to prepare him. I've finally resorted to bribery. He really wants a big boy bike and we had planned to get him one for his birthday. So, now if he doesn't freak out, we're going straight to Toys R Us and buying him his new bike. AND the Pirates of the Caribbean helmet he saw at Target.

Wish me luck.


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