Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Update #1

Yeah, I'm so clever with the titles. Since I'm so far behind, I figure I'll just do weekly recaps to get caught up. I've actually heard from a couple of friends about my lack of updates. Wow, I actually have readers. LOL

Fourth of July
Let's see. July 4th was fun. We just hung out at home during the day and then went to the big fireworks in Aurora. It sounds totally lame, but we picked up dinner, parked at the mall and had a picnic in one of the green areas around it. They block off all the streets and shoot the fireworks off really close. It's actually one of the best firework shows I've ever seen. They certainly don't skimp. Strange event for the evening...we actually froze! Mom of the Year didn't take coats. It's the Fourth of July for crying out loud! Luckily, I had several of Alex's blankets in the van so between the picnic blanket and receiving blankets, we stayed warm. Alex slept through the entire thing!! And the booms were so loud that you could actually feel them in your chest. Gotta love that kid. :)

I took TONS of photos during the fireworks, just playing around with different settings. I haven't really looked at them or done any editing, but these turned out pretty cool.

Road Trip
On July 5th, the kids and I drove to Iowa and met Susie and the boys, Linda and Lily, and Rosie and the kids for our annual summer get-together. We stayed in an average hotel, but we had a blast as usual. Hanging with them always fills my soul and reminds me how lucky I am to have such good friends. We have truly experienced the best and worst of life together. I love how we manage to just pick up like we saw each other yesterday. Now that the kids are older, they really have fun playing together. It's actually amazing how well they all get along considering they see each other no more than twice a year. Love that our kids are friends and will have true lifelong friends when they're adults.

Love My Guy
We were back on Friday night for my photography class at Studio D. It was a better class; we went outside and actually shot photos. The instructor gave us scenarios and we had to figure out the settings to get the shot. Very helpful. Neil was late getting home so we picked him up at the Naperville train and he took the kids to the Riverwalk while I was at class. He's such a good guy. He fed the big kids dinner and gave Alex his cereal.

The weekend was spent hanging out and doing some prep work for Andy's birthday party. Nothing too exciting.

That's enough for now. My life isn't that exciting! ;)

Check back later for the next update. I'm almost finished.


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